Welcome to Bazaar Living. For your home décor pleasure, we frequently travel to Morocco to wander the maze like streets of some of the world’s most famous marketplaces with the sole purpose of presenting to you the finest vintage rugs and carpets such as Beni Ouarai, Boucherouite, Azilal and Kilims woven by skilled North African artisans.

The tradition of Morrocan Beni Ourain & Boucherouite rug and carpet making goes back milenia. To this very day, these rugs are woven by tribal people whose designs are traditional and have been passed down over time from weaver to weaver.

Moroccan rugs and carpets are among the most popular in the world. Bazaar Living buyers appreciate the tradition of Moroccan rug makers who today blend dynamic colorful modernistic design with simple geometric patterns and colors.

Originally Moroccan rugs served more than a decorative purpose. Depending on the region in which they were woven, the designs and thickness reflected the distinctive climates of Morocco. Beni Ourain Rugs might have been very thick with a heavy pile if they were woven in the snow-capped  Atlas Mountains, or they may have been flat if tribes made them in the Sahara desert. Moroccans throughout history have used their designs for bed coverings, sleeping mats, personal self-adornment and burial shrouds.

Moroccan rugs are traditionally less expensive than most of the other antique, vintage and modern carpets on the market today. With so many styles, thicknesses and weaves, these 100% wool rugs have become the carpet of choice for both interior designers and homeowners around the world.

At Bazaar Living, we offer the full spectrum of Moroccan rugs from rural Berber carpets, handwoven into abstract patterns and symbols, to the Beni Ouarain rugs with their simple black or dark brown patterns to Boucherouite, made with fabric scraps.

Welcome to our Bazaar, where you can walk through the “stalls” of our special marketplace in the comfort of your home.

Bazaar Living is committed to making a purchase on our website a simple and pleasurable experience.  We take the utmost care in preparing your rugs for shipment.

Welcome to our marketplace. Welcome to Bazaar Living.