Boucherouite Rugs

Some of the world's most colorful rugs are Moroccan Boucherouites. Not only are the Boucherouite rugs colorful, but they have also been, for the last several years, one of the world's most popular.

Bazaar Living has a delightful selection of these extravagantly colorful rugs. Like with all Moroccan rugs the Boucherouite comes with an interesting story of its origins.

Unlike the majority of Moroccan rugs that have traditions going back in many cases thousands of years, the Boucherouite is a recent creation. It’s advent in the 1960’s came out of both creativity and necessity.

Moroccan Boucherouite rugs have historically been woven out of wool. Many tribal families had origins as goat herders and shepherds. With the men tending their flocks, the woman used the wool cut from their sheep as the main fabric.

With more and more traditional shepherds in Morocco giving up their nomadic lives for different forms of animal husbandry and farming, the former abundance of wool has become scarcer.

The Boucherouite comes from a Moroccan phrase that translates to “a piece torn from pre-used clothing.” Boucherouite rugs are made totally from scraps of old nylon, cotton and wool textiles. Although maybe not its original intent, the Boucherouite just might have been one of the world's first fully recyclable household decors!

There are no rules for the design of a Boucherouite. They are all different in their blend of fabrics, colors, and pattern. Depending on the textiles available a Boucherouite can be bright and vibrant or a little more subtle and pastel.

While many refer to Boucherouite Moroccan rugs as “rag rugs,” that description might be used as a more endearing than critical description.

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