Azilal rugs

Azilal rugs just might be the most creative of all styles of Moroccan carpets. Azilal’s is named after the craggy and steep Azilal region of Morocco located in the remote Atlas Mountains.

The Bazaar Living special selection of Azilal carpets are made from virgin wool collected from domestic sheep found in the area. Many families of the region come from generations of sheep herders and shepherds who have sheared some of the world's finest wool.

The rugs are woven by alternating composed patterns of one single knotted line and one or two woven lines. As is traditional in Moroccan rug making, the weaving is based on cultural rituals that have been handed down for generations.

Moroccan Azilal carpets are complex in their combined use of irregular and abstract patterns that show numerous Berber symbols and diamond based graphics. Azilal carpets backgrounds are usually an ivory or cream color.

Azilal carpets are decorated with wool and cotton materials that are colored by vegetable dye or threads of recycled cloth of different colors.

Like with all Moroccan rug traditions, Azilal carpets have a story behind each color. In Berber Atlas Mountain culture, red represents strength and protection, blue wisdom, yellow eternity and green peace. 

Each Azilal carpet carries the weaver’s desire to protect the human spirit from negative energy and shield the human body from the elements. One of the fantastic aspects of purchasing and Moroccan rug is that they tell their own tale and unique story.

In the western world Azilal’s are used as carpeting or in many cases colorful wall ornaments and hangings. For your very own unique Azilal please feel free to browse our collection of this unique carpet.